Your company wants to successfully expand its operations to Europe

Where do you go to?

Belgium is a perfect choice.
It is a small and neutral country, unlike our neighboring countries France, Germany and Great Britain. Brussels is not only the capital of Belgium, but at the same time the capital of the European Union.
The Belgian city of Antwerp is the second largest port in Europe. Very nearby are Paris, London, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the largest port in Europe and the fourth largest port in the world.

What do you need to establish a company in Belgium?

We provide all the help, advice and information you need to establish your company in Belgium. This includes the following necessary steps:

  • Articles of association, to be certified by a notary
  • A well-balanced financial plan and budget, according to Belgian law and the requirements of Belgian banks
  • A precise description of the activity that your company will develop in Belgium
  • A Belgian bank account.
  • Registration of yourself as a manager of a Belgian company
  • License for yourself as manager of a Belgian company (proof of basic knowledge of business management)
  • Registration of your company in the database of Belgian economic authorities (i.e. the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises)
  • A company address in Belgium.

What does your company need to be successful in Belgium and in Europe?

  • A location for your office or store
  • Qualified employees tailored to your company
  • Salary administration
  • Follow-up of administration, accounting and tax law

What do you personally need?

  • D visa
  • Professional card
  • Registration with Belgian social security services
  • Possibly an address for your stay in Belgium
  • Possibly a residence card

Brangers Consulting is ready to advise you in all these matters, to follow them and to ensure that all the necessary steps are successfully completed. We help you from start to finish, wherever necessary, with our expertise and more than forty years of experience in establishing companies. We furthermore take care of all necessary administrative follow-up.

Where do you find us?

  • Brangers Consulting BVBA
  • Brechtsebaan 710
  • 2900 Schoten
  • Belgium
  • Mobile +32 495 50 62 18
  • Fax +32 3 400 17 00